We need a little…

Sometimes, when I look at pictures from 8+ months ago, it feels like 8+ YEARS ago. I remember everyone in my circle being generally less stressed and dissatisfied, I remember feeling confident in our connectedness. I remember everyone feeling less in their heads and over anxious about every word and movement they made. Maybe it’s just me, but it makes me sad.

We need another lock down, in Ohio; our Covid numbers are outrageous. But I don’t know how anyone – businesses, individuals – anyone will survive it without financial support from the government…and that isn’t coming. How do we feel good and grateful and full of love and laughter when half of us can’t afford groceries, half are worried about the roof over their head, and everyone has enormous medical bills and missing family members? It’s a big ask.

We need a happy Thanksgiving and intimate winter holidays, but I don’t know how that will happen without guilt and stress about Covid.

If I feel this way on the heels of a big win (getting Trump out of the White House), how are the people who supported him feeling? How are people who lost family to Covid or fires or brutality feeling? How are any of us really doing?

No, I mean really…how are YOU doing?

2 thoughts on “We need a little…

  1. I know it’s dark now but I have seen darker. I know there will be light again. When it gets really hard for me I think about my grandparents and how poor they were and how hard things were for them, they managed. It was hell but they had food on the talbe and a roof. They lived to tell me all the stories about what is most important and now I can remember what they went thru when times look bleak.

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    1. I’m going to hold on to that, because I need it. We have all lived through darkness, and there have been greater darknesses throughout history than we are living through now…somehow, people kept going. We will, too.

      Thank you. 🥰

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